For Taking Ear Vein Blood Samples from Pigs


For Use on Pigs

Super Sharp! So little pain they hardly notice the lancet stick. They won’t be afraid the next time you draw blood.

NO FEAR – So little pain they’re not afraid.
RAPID COLLECTION – One moment for one drop.
QUICK RECOVERY – Blood flow stops quickly.
FAST – Sterile ready for use.
DISPOSABLE – No cross contamination.
INEXPENSIVE – Costs much less than a hypodermic needle.

With the Goldenrod Animal Lancet, you can now take virtually PAIN-FREE blood samples from pig's ears. Speed up the blood collecting process with Goldenrod Animal Lancets, this specially designed, sterile, disposable blood lancet that is inexpensive, easy, and fast to use. Your animals will no longer be afraid of the pain, and won’t be afraid of you when you need to draw blood. Made in the U.S.A.